Wyatt Trump

He came into town all alone, ready kick some ass and take names. When all of the gun smoke cleared, there was only one man left standing.

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This gun-slinger went against monumental odds most of his life but on the whole, he has either compromised with the bad guys, put them in Boot Hill and did lose a few along the way. Like Rocky, every-time he got knocked down, the tycoon pugilist came back swinging. His determination and ability to fight back under adversity has been his salvation.  Who can argue with success???

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No one ever thought this single man could ever succeed in breaking the barriers of establishment that was soundly trying to beat him to the draw and take him to take hanging tree.


In his usual manner of communicating; that can use some polishing in certain settings, he insulted, manhandled and bamboozled his way to the top. They said it couldn’t be done.  It worked for him.

He has had a thorn sticking in his craw that’s been bothering him for the longest time but he was waiting for the right time to make his move.

You see; this guy loves the Old West and everything about it.  Through the years with crooked or incompetence people driving the lead buckboard, it has been virtually impossible for anyone to get a honest/fair shake out of the town fathers (some call them mothers).  It is said that 82% of the citizens of Deadwood distrust these people. Wyatt is supposedly going to change that.

WT as his close friends call him; because of his love for the Old West – his patriotism to his country – determination to change the system as it now exists – like one  hired gun that came before him, he threw his 10 gallon hat in the ring and against all odds soundly beat all of the gun-slingers that were trying so desperately to keep this outsider out of town.

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As I see it; it took a long time for many of the towns people to open their eyes and see just how bad off Deadwood is under the Good Old Boys method taking care of business. WT put it on the bar top – told it like it is and made it possible for most of the good people of Deadwood to finally see the varmints for what they really are.

In all of his modesty; WT said he is going to be the best Sherrif that Deadwood has ever had. I particularly don’t care for conceited people but for the sake of the towns people, I hope he can back up his boost.

The continuation of this story is going to take off in November; when the towns people vote WT into an 4 year term as Sherrif of the Deadwood.  Than hopefully his is going to keep all of the promises he made to kick all the drunks out of the saloons – get rid of the hookers – have everyone check their fire-arms at the door – make peace with the surrounding towns and do a clean sweep of Deadwood by getting rid of the dead-weight.

If he can come across with 1/2 of what he has committed to; we can get back to an honorable society and gain back the respect we lost in all of our gun battles.

There has to be 100’s of people in the political arena that went to the butcher shop yesterday for good steak to put on their black eyes to get the swelling down.

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1,000’s of them conspiring to beat WT to the draw and he outgunned them all down.

How does crow taste??

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NOTE: WT is the first man to get to where he is as an outsider since Dwight Eisenhower.  Quit an accomplishment beating the system at their own game.




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