Got nothing to do with ethics

There must be a hell of a lot at stake with the power, money  and control to get the reaction Trump is getting over the convention’s attendance.

The embarrassment of having this brash/bold  outsider, The Trumpster waltz into their parade, the one THEY, the GOP has controlled for so many years and having it swept out from under them.  Just the thought of losing the control and the power that goes with it is to a new comer is beyond what they can bear.  In short, against all odds, Trump took command  of what once was a dynasty controlled by UPPER MANAGEMENT of the GOP and pissed off a lot of people.

Because of their sour grapes and them getting embarrassed,  GWB – His Daddy and Mitt Romney, in protest, three of the biggest wigs in the party, have put a thumbs down on attending the Republican convention. All three of these men say that they will be counted absent. Lake Eire will be overflowing with tears.

This is something the good old boys are not used to, losing. THEY always get their way and THEY always win; until …..

download (6)

A few months ago John McCain said he was taking a rain check on attending the convention  when Trump insulted him and said he was not a war hero. I think his reason for being a no show is the most legitimate of them all. That comment was an extremely low blow. I don’t not blame Mc Cain in the least for being thoroughly pissed off.

Many of the power-brokers in the GOP are eating crow and they don’t like how it tastes. Possibly, this will be one time in many years that the voters voices in this country will be heard instead of getting bulldozed around by the politicians.  They are sick and tired of being herd around like sheep – being lied to at every turn- having to be content with absentee politicians in DC in more ways than one.

If Trump does get elected he is going to have to come up shooting making good on all of promises he made.

The USA hasn’t been this bad off for the working class people and poverty level people in many years. The aristocrats  that are living on Knob Hill can’t see the severity of it all and don’t want to; they do not have to live it.  The closest thing they come to poverty is when their pant leg brush up against their maid that is scrubbing the floor on her hands and knees when  they walk by.  They do not have a clue.

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This whole thing about THEM boycotting the convention because THEY think Trump is a bad example for the party is nothing but download (4).

It is all about losing control and THEY don’t like it.

If I were The Donald; I would be very careful when he is on one of those fast moving escalator while on tour. The Shadow Knows that strange things happen when those mechanical monsters go hey-wire.  That sudden jolt will get you every-time!!!!


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