Time to get out of the rain John

With an irresponsible decision John Kasich has made to stay in the race for the republican presidential nomination, when he knows it is an impossibility to win. That only lends one to wonder just how smart this Governor of Ohio is??

images (5)

I wonder if it is going to rain or snow this 4th of July???? Better wear my long Johns before I go to the fireworks.

Even Teddy has seen the light and has made a strategic withdrawal from the race. He can see the handwriting on the wall but Kasich must have blinders on.


It must cost 100’s of 1,000’s of dollars each day to stay in a campaign. I can not see anyone supporting Kasich’s efforts anymore. But there isn’t too many things in politics that make any sense.

Oh John!!!!! Don’t forget your images (6) you never know.

Show some good common sense – try to get all of the pachyderms together and see if you guys can unite and agree on not to disagree with one another.  In unity there is strength. That is unless some of you foolish, ego driven politicians would rather see Wild Bill as your first whatever.

I really don’t know what the proper term is for a man that is married to a female president of the USA should be.  I hope we don’t have to find out.

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