Let’s look at reason #8

Huffington Post


By: Howard Fineman Global Editorial Director

Here Are 7 Reasons Why Donald Trump Could Really Win In November:

Shockingly –- given his outrageous, race-baiting and even violence-tinged rhetoric –- Trump is not that far behind in the horse race as the “fall” campaign informally begins. Nor does the Electoral College map look that impossible for him. With the possible exception of Arizona, there are few, if any, red states from 2012 that he would likely lose. There are also at least five large blue states in which he could compete, especially for the votes of the so-called “Reagan Democrats.” Those states are Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin and, yes, Pennsylvania. Together, they represent more than enough electoral votes to send Trump to the White House.

Howie buddy. Item #8 – did it ever occur to you that possibly Trump is the best choice we will have in November??? He may not be the perfect person / the Knight in shining armor that the USA needs to ride his mighty steed down Pennsylvania Ave. up to the Casa Bianca, tie it up at the hitching post, go in, sit in the Big Chair and take care of business but he is far better than the alternative.

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Same kind of hairdoo

Like a diamond that was just mined out of the earth. He needs a little cleaning up and put into the right setting.

The more I consider the severe/dire conditions in this country is in; the more I am convinced that Trump is the answer.

Whenever we have to make a critical decision in our life, life threatening or something that is going to impact us for the rest of our days; we should ALWAYS must consider what the alternative is.  Now you can come to your own conclusion.




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They come along with the package. Might as well go first class.

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