I sorry for the things I’ve said …..

Bill’s wife was in coal country (WVA) instead of Indiana today; doing a maya coupe attempting to reverse what she said last week about her plans to put the coal miners and companies out of business if she gets the nod. She came into town bring the Platters with her. I say, too little too late!!

Here is what she said last week. We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business, she said. Clinton went on to say that, under her plan to shift the country away from fossil fuels, coal miners would not be forgotten. Part #2 was said out of desperation to CHA. Where is she planning to put thousands of coal miner to work with the economy the way it is? It is all lip service.

Her comments went over like a dead canary in a coal mine as should be expected. Her comments impacted these hard working people who for years worked on their hands and knees, developing black lung disease and other illness in the coal mines around the country so they could put food on their tables.

download (2)           download (3)

Note: Years ago the miners would let a few canaries loose in the mine before entering to see if there was any carbon monoxide or methane gases present. If the birds survived, they felt it was safe to go in. It was very primitive method but it worked better than what they had.

download (4)

Does anyone – does anyone – does anyone really believe that this women is sorry for what she said???? Absolutely  not. She is in WVA copping a plea hoping she can salvage a few vote from the thousands of people she insulted and committed to put in the poor house.

I hope the good people in WVA see through her smoke screen and put her back on that chartered bus she came in on.

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