You can take a Trump to water but ……..

Fox News

In front, Trump shows no signs of ‘toning it down’ on campaign trail

There have been 100’s, possibly 1,000’s of people, including The Commander and Chief  giving Trump very good advice to settle it down a little but the man is so full of himself and loves to hear the sound of his voice, he is not heeding the word.

This in-itself can be what costs him the election.

Trump said at a rally in Bridgeport, Conn., that being presidential is easy but boring.

I have to keep you people entertained and awake, Trump told the crowd of about 1,000. “Have you seen Hillary Clinton using a teleprompter … . People starting yawning. It’s a disaster.

Some people regardless of how intelligent they are supposed to be ?????, they never get it.

I would have to classify Trump’s verbotious personality is an obsession. He loves to hear the sound of his voice.  The man certainly is interesting but the same old record playing is very disturbing to some people.

He is like the guy that goes to one doctor after another and they all give him the same diagnosis.  The man is very stubborn and thinks that he knows more than the Saw Bones and does not take their advice. Why the hell bother going to the doctor at all.

In my humble opinion (not really) I would say that if he does not reign in the rhetoric somewhat and play the role of someone running for the president of the USA, he will be cutting his own throat and have no one to blame but himself if he blows it. His constant self righteousness could cost him the election.  So really, how smart is he????

The minstrel is playing the right music but TOO often and TOO loud.

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Commander and Chief


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