Mr. Consistent

In an interview on the Oprah show in 1988, Trump was asked by Oprah if he ever would ever considered running for president. Twenty years later his answers are pretty much the same as then.

I have made some serious/objective observations about the guy, some good and some that are not very complimentary.

When there is a limited amount of talent, if you will, and a person has to chose between the best of the worst, there is only one person that should get the check-mark in November.

The election in November is going to be the most critical one since voting for the presidency  began and GW got the nod. Not Bush, Washington.

This whirlwind we are living in, which a good majority of what the experts claim as the USA’s success story, is only on paper, a smoke screen. Paper burns very easily. If this twister isn’t stopped it is going to become so powerful that it will be totally out of control. May be already!!

The people in this country that don’t have their heads where the sun doesn’t shine, that see the reality of what the true conditions in the USA are, know that if Bill’s wife gets the nod, the USA will definitely continue spiral out of control. Same party, same mentality.

If Bill’s wife would have said that she was going to change the policies of her ex-boss because they were not working, that MAY HAVE been a different story.

If I am giving Trump the Mr. Consistency award – I absolutely have to give Bill’s wife the Mrs. Inconsistency award. Donald is saying the same things now he said 25 years ago and Bill’s wife can’t keep the story consistent from one week to the next.

Am I not naive enough to believe that Trump hasn’t crossed the lines many times on his way to being as successful.  That is the business world. Eat or be eaten.

There isn’t a hand full of successful business people on this planet that didn’t step on someones toes or buried the competition one time or another to get where they wanted to be.

If Trump is elected in November, let us hope by what he is saying, that he is going to use that shrewd business savvy he has, putting it in a positive direction to MAKE AMERICA GREAT ONCE AGAIN. Is he 100% of what America needs? Absolutely not but he is the best we have to chose from.

download (8)

Don’t ever be so naive to think that the USA can’t look like this someday.  It does already.

saupload_3rd_world_usa_01_detroit_lot      images

These are some of the 10’s of 1,000’s of areas scattered around  in the USA that have been caught up in the poverty whirlwind that none of the parasite politicians want to talk about.

USA the most powerful and successful country in the world????

Huffington Post

More than 45 million people, or 14.5 percent of all Americans, lived below the poverty line last year, the Census Bureau reported on Tuesday. The percentage of Americans in poverty fell from 15 percent in 2012, the biggest such decline since the year 2000

How can any politician knowing that conditions like this exist turn a blind eye to them? Instead, they are GIVING trillions of dollars away around the world trying to buy foreign countries friendship and it ALWAYS comes back and bites us in the ass.


What kind of a future do kids like this have? Can the establishment blame anyone but themselves for how kids living in these ares turn out?   They are not exclusively at fault but are very big contributors to the problem.


This photo was taken in 1937 in DC. I will bet that conditions have gone down dramatically since then.

The mysterous part of this scenario is; the desperate people that are subjected to living in this state of poverty are the same people that keep supporting and electing the wrong people into office.  The silver tongued politicians keep holding the golden pork chop out in front of them, close enough for them to see it and smell it but far enough for them not to be-able to taste it.

Than we have the other parasites that keep preaching hatred to keep their coffers filled. They should start speaking EDUCATION.

I have always maintained; charity should begin at home. If after the family is well taken care of and you fell benevolent, than by all means, share your wealth. But if your family is starving and living one step away from a cardboard box; only a fool would be giving their money away.  As long as these living conditions do not involve the politicians or their families directly, they try to act like they do not exist.

Before making your X  in the voting booth when the time comes, think about surviving with the right person in the Big Seat or going down the tubes doing business as usual. The choice to me is pretty simple.

Satisfied with what the conditions in the country today, vote for the donkey – other wise you have one more choice.

download (9)     Republicanlogo.svg

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