Absolute delusional – what world is he living in

Sheriff Clarke; a man after my heart. Here we have a man that tells it like it is regardless of the consequences. I am sure that many people of his race are very disturbed by him forthright commentary.


In watching Mr. O in this interview; I can’t even start to imagine what he is looking at. Mr. O is either in complete denial or his is …. …….. ………. …….

  1. the action of declaring something to be untrue.
    “she shook her head in denial
    synonyms: contradiction, refutation, rebuttal, repudiation, disclaimer; More

    • the refusal of something requested or desired.
      “the denial of insurance to people with certain medical conditions”
      synonyms: refusal, withholding; More

    • a statement that something is not true.
      plural noun: denials
      “official denials”
      synonyms: contradiction, refutation, rebuttal, repudiation, disclaimer;

      “the reports met with a denial”

      Is it even possible for a person in his position to actually believe what he is saying or is he attempting to put up gigantic smoke screen to try and deceive the American people how well of they are??? In either case he is absolutely wrong.

      FOLKS, these are not uncommon sites around this country. You tell me how well off the USA is.

      images          images (1)

      download            download (1)

      Where do you think the Big Wigs in DC take the dignitaries from other countries  when they tour the USA; not in these areas. Places like these exist in every major city throughout the country.  Not saying too much for the USA’s prosperity.

      When anyone from any country is living under horrible conditions such as these, how can any politicians claim; All IS WELL ON THE WESTERN FRONT .


      As long as anyone tries to convince the American people just how well off conditions are in this country,  I will continue to attach the USA’s real time clock until it is paid off.  I have serious reservations that it ever will.

      It is sickening how  virtually all politicians (I will estimate at least 85 – 90%) will deliberately try to download (4)the American people without blinking an eye and with impunity.  It is  inconceivable from where I sit that these people are so far removed from the truth, it is an automatic; when they open their mouth, a lie comes out. It has to be in their DNA.

      What President Obama’s Legacy Means to Me – By Bill’s wife


      Chubby Checker made a song years back; Limbo Rock.

      If you like what condition the USA is in you know which way to vote in November – if not, you have one more choice.


      Commander and Chief


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