Same reason Obama won

CBS News

How class resentment is fueling Donald Trump’s run

The fabulously rich candidate becomes the hero of working-class people by identifying with their economic distress. That formula worked for Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1930’s. Today, Donald Trump’s campaign benefits from a similar populist appeal to beleaguered, white, blue-collar voters — his key constituency.

I am going to make this as simple as possible so some of whats her name supporters out there that are Super dense and thick headed can not grasp the message.

Trump is so popular, against all odds, just like Obama was in 2008, a guy without a chance, as everyone thought but like Obama, they were wrong.

Obama got elected mainly because of three people – GWB – his boss tricky Dick Chaney and Oprah. GWB and Chaney  because the USA could not take 8 more years of business as usual. Oprah because she went way out on a limb and really put all of her influence toward getting her friend elected. Only after the votes were counted, Oprah was shunned by Obama and his wife and not shown the respect she deserved for all of her support.

I have to guess that Mr. O felt he better side with his better half or have to sleep in one of the guest bedrooms.

This may be hind site, no one really knows, we may have been better off if the republicans won in 2008. Politics in all parties is so crooked – one sided –  making their own rules to protect themselves – the secrecy of the good old boys club – a bunch of self-serving parasites that is actually pathetic. FOLKS, 82% disapproval rating must tell us something.

For the last year or so the world has witnessed the viciousness, back-biting – mud slinging – how low can they go getting families involved in their madness – the juvenile behavior of the candidates it is very sad.  Much of the campaign was not about the issues but which one of them pissed in their pants in the 3rd grade.

I said this may years ago and it appears that many American citizens now agree. We need someone in the Big Chair that – can not be bought – that doesn’t owe anyone anything – that is a true patriot – someone with a backbone that can look the beast in the eyes and not shit in their pants  – a person that, WITH THE PROPER GUIDANCE AND SUPPORT, can turn this country back around to where it needs to be one again, back to The Super Power of the Free World. That is what we have in The Trumpster.

I would be a fool if I said that Trump is the perfect person to shack up in the Casa Bianca, but that person does not exist.

Does the guy have faults? Absolutely. But who would you rather be in a fox hole with; some shirt that talks out of all sides of her mouth – can’t keep a story straight from one week to the next – has DELIBERATELY – DELIBERATELY broken the law because she thinks, like her cousin Leona Helmsley, laws are only for the little people or someone that will fight to the death to protect this country? I know where my vote will go.

It is hard for me to understand how Bill’s wife’s fan club can’t see the rotten, deteriorating forest because of the trees. How can anyone, no matter how mentally challanged they are, buy into this lady’s crooked shell game.


So why is Trump so popular? We may classify this condition as situation of desperation. Desperation for change where the Knight in Shining armor is going to ride down Pennsylvania Ave in his Bentley and turn this country back around to where it should be.

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The people that are supporting Bill’s wife must not comprehend  the severity of the worlds situations. If we do not elect someone in November that has the backbone to stand up for the USA and do whatever it takes to bring it back around, we are going to be standing in deeper shit than we are already.

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Any fool the does not think the USA is in bad shape; take a good look at the National debt in real time.

Am I blaming it all on Obama; not really but lets say this; he has been one of the biggest contributors to the financial – military and social problems we have today.

This is what his ex-side kick said:


Hillary Clinton Says She’s The Best To Continue Obama’s Legacy

Jan 18, 2016 at 12:03 PM ET
I will give that comment a big WOWWWWWWWWW.  Like lost sheep …..
Read what Wild Bill said about the last 8 years and tell me that his wife’s comment isn’t a gigantic contradiction as most of her statements  are.
Now you tell me, who is the snake oil salesman??
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