Only an imbecile would make that statement

Russia ‘does not understand’ US reaction to plane flyby:

This can be categorized as Putinized ball busting at it’s worst.

Come on Val (that is what his close friends call him), you know this is sending the wrong message. Childish nonsense like this can trigger a fuckin war. Grow up lad!!

If someone else was sitting in the Big Chair, Val would not be pulling childish shit like this.

Commander and Chief

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One Response to Only an imbecile would make that statement

  1. Rifleman III says:

    I believe they are standing on Obama’s toe while mocking him.
    The correct response to that, would be… The DIs in the USMCRDPI, “In Your Face”, routine. I doubt if the Russians would like that very much. But, Obama is a homo.

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