One man’s obsession has cost the USA dearly

Deserting ObamaCare: UnitedHealth, nation’s largest health insurer, bolts, fears huge losses:


It is amazing just how costly and detrimental one man’s egotistical obsessions can adversely effect the big picture.

Against all recommendations from  many authoritative figures not to  move ahead with one of his fixation; Mr. O  was bound and determined to get this accomplish while in office; the behemoth called the Un-Affordable Health Care/Obamacare. Why? Because he has the power as the commander and chief, it was a life long dream, Barrack Obama forged ahead. Finally the end result of his abstinence, his healthcare plan has come to bite the USA’s citizens and medical community in the ass. The fun has just begun.

Can anyone call this an accomplishment that has been so costly to the American people? Not as far as I am concerned.


Obamacare’s big overhead costs to top $270B

Wednesday, 27 May 2015 | 11:11 AM ET

Obamacare is set to add more than a quarter-of-a-trillion—that’s trillion—dollars in extra insurance administrative costs to the U.S. health-care system, according to a new report out Wednesday. 

The $273.6 billion in additional insurance overhead represents an average of of $1,375 per newly insured person, per year, from 2012 through 2022.

When CNBC  is taking the opposite side of Mr. O, you know things are in dire straights.

Just to start with, coming out of the box, the un-affordable healthcare’s website cost over 2 bbbbbillion dollars to develop. Yes that is a BBB not an MMM.  At the time, I did a post and said sarcastically  that Go Daddy could do the website for $9.95 as they advertise.

That was the beginning of the end. From that time forward, everything the plan touched, was liked leprosy  and started to rot away. All of this was done on the whim and a desire for one man to fulfill one of his unreasonable fantasies, no matter what the cost.

I don’t even want to mention that initially the website development was GIVEN to a Canadian company; by co-incidence, Mrs. O’s college roommate just happened to be a big wig with the company.  The company screwed up the website so bad it was taken away from them and FINALLY given to an American company.

The whole thing in a nut shell is; when one person has that much power – they don’t do the proper due-diligence – they only have advisers that are very obsequious (ass kissers) – they are totally out of their element – will not take advice for those in the know because they are so narcissistic –  it is not their personal money they are spending – they will have their way at all costs – are unreasonable – they will not take advice from people in a particular field in question. Disaster is usually the end result.

Obamacare’s big overhead costs to top $270B

The catcher is; we are not talking about a guy that is shopping for a new house and made a bad decision will only cost his family a few thousand.  We are talking about a guy that has cost his theoretical family (the USA) trillions of dollars and doesn’t even blink and eye.

One of Obama’s other major obsessions is the Iran nuclear deal.  Watch and see where that ends up. It is a disaster already.
In such a highly responsible position like the Presidency of the USA; ANYONE that sits in the Big Chair should have an open mind and some knowledgeable advisers that they will listen to.
It is virtually impossible for anyone to keep up with all the worlds event on a daily basis, so the president, no matter who they are, needs to have sound knowledgeable people surrounding them, not obsequious goal seekers.
I often wonder if the politicians ever consider the fact that their decisions, good or bad, impact all of the the people in the country, not just them. I don’t think so. The vast majority are motivated by their own personal agendas.  Their 82% disapproval rating tells the story.
When Obama first took office he made a statement; we (the politicians) work for the American people, they do not work for us. I almost choked on that capicola sandwich I was eating.
 shooting from the hip

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