CVS’s hidden agenda?????

CVS introduces curbside pickup service:

The giant drug store chain just came up with an idea that will make it a lot easier for customers to shop at their stores and at the same time make the already lazy American customer chunkier than they already are.

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Someone in their company came up with the brilliant idea of cell-shopping (shopping by phone), not only for their medical needs but anything else the store sells.

The service they dubbed as CVS Express, was built on a mobile platform in partnership with Palo Alto, Calif.-based start-up Curbside, founded by the same entrepreneurs behind Apple’s Find Your iPhone app. CVS invested an undisclosed amount in Curbside.

The curbside pickup service, integrated into the main CVS smartphone app, will come without any price markups, and CVS is promising to get orders ready within “about an hour.”

I am wondering if there was somewhat of an ulterior behind their generosity and benevolence.

The lazier they make the public, the more weight they out on; in turn CVS will sell their fat customers weight loss aids to shed their pounds.

Let us not forget FOLKS; there is no such thing as a free lunch!!

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