They got this one right

ABSCAM agents to FBI chief: Bureau’s ‘reputation’ on the line in Clinton probe

Fox News

Former FBI agents who worked the notorious 1970s sting operation known as ABSCAM have written FBI Director James Comey to warn that nothing less than the bureau’s “reputation” is on the line as the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email practices enters a critical phase.

There are so many governmental agencies that are losing or have lost their credibility in the last few years because of divine intervention that it is shameful. There are too many to list.

Wish-full thinking and the probability of it implementing is little to none. Well all know what the old saying about wishful think is; if you  wish in one hand and defecate in the other, all you have is a hand full of shit.

This is how any ever crime in this country should be approached. Remove the name of the accused – their race – sex – religious persuasions – sexual preferences – how much they are worth – who they are connected to from the  records and investigate each case  in an unbiased, impartial manner disregarding any outside intervention or influence.

In doing so, everyone in this country would be on an equal platform and held accountable on equal grounds no matter who their daddy is and how much the grand-paw was worth.

Because of this preferential treatment some people receive, there has been a multitude of injustices in all directions. Some people are convicted that shouldn’t have been and others get away with murder (affluenza) because of who they are related to and how much money they have.

It appears that people in the public service (at least that what it was intended to be) forget the oaths they take when entering their offices. To serve and protect equally under the law.  They forget about the lady with a blindfold over her eyes and the carving on the Supreme Court building in DC.

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The law is the law and should be cut and dry for all citizens. Some poor bastards get a stiffer sentence for jay-walking then anthers do for murder.

In the same context; I still think that there should be uniform punishments for the same crime across the country. Piss on a wall in San Francisco or piss on a wall in New York; same penalty.

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This is what our country was supposed to founded on; Equal Justice Under The Law not what you skin color is – what you last name  – how many $$$$$$ you have in your bank account.

Over the years the legal system has been twisted – turned – manipulated – pissed on – feet been wiped on it by high priced ambulance chasers – politicians – crooked judges and been made a mockery of. Some of the defense strategies  these nuts cases come up with are worthy of an Academy Award.

Let us erase the last name of Bill’s wife in the case the FBI is now investigating. That lady would be eating off of a tin tray months ago.

If the FBI allows her to skate on these serious charges because of who she is, all of their credibility will be gone.  It is on thin ice now.

If after their investigation, they recommend that she be prosecuted and Mr. O steps in to prevent it; there should be legal action taken against him.

This cover up and protection of the special people has gone on long enough – to extremes and an insult to all of the law abiding American citizens.

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I won’t be holding my breath.

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Commander and Chief

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