Why you may ask???

Task force finds Chicago Police Department plagued by racism

Why you may ask? Wake up and take the blinders off you fools.

Intellectual takeout:

Chicago: 75% of Murdered are Black, 71% of Murderers are Black


The Chicago Police Accountability Task Force called on the department to “acknowledge its racist history and overhaul its handling of excessive force allegations.”

The report contains over 100 recommendations for reform and is replete with statistics that suggest African-Americans in the city are disproportionately targeted by Chicago officers.

Why you may ask? The answer is staring them in the face or is it the gun in the hands of the criminal that is staring the cops in the face.


Newsmax Media

Feb 2, 2016 – Chicago Homicide Rate Soars After 51 Killings Just in January.Chicago’s homicide rate jumped to a 15-year high in January after authorities recorded 51 murders in the first month of the year. The homicide increase was a sharp rise from the 29 murders reported in January 2015, and 20 in 2013, according to USA Today.

USA Today

The task force found 74% of people killed or injured by Chicago police officers over the last eight years were African-American. In 2014, 72% of people stopped by Chicago police were black and 17% were Hispanic, according to the report. About 76% of the time that a taser was deployed between 2012 and 2015, it was used on a black suspect, the task force found. About 33% of the city’s population is black.

These numbers from different source to source and may vary by a percent or two but basically depicts that, over 70% of the crimes committed in The Windy City are by the black population but only  32.9 % of the population is black.

Now I don’t know about anyone else; if there were a particular race or religious group that was notorious for committing crimes far and above the normal  averages,  I would be very edgy/skeptical/nervous when I was in the presents of those people.  Based on the high rate of crimes and percentages accumulated by the law breaks in the black community, I would or anyone else would have ever right to be apprehensive.

Here is a quote directly by one of the black pillar’s of the community.

Jesse Jackson fears black youths: racism?

Michael Trigoboff
Tigard, OR

Even Jesse Jackson said a few years ago, There is nothing more painful to me … than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved. WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL


Should a cop or cops be extra vigilant or apprehensive when he is that kind of environment?  I would say so. Being extra vigilant or apprehensive to excess results in being gun happy – eager to pull the trigger.  If that cloud was not present, the cops would be more at ease.

FOLKS; put yourself in the cops place and tell me that you would not be more aggressive in that kind of situation.  If you say no, you are either a liar or stupid.

All of these conditions result in the cops finding it necessary to use excessive force for their own protection.  Remember, you never take a 2×4 to a gun battle.  Reverse the circumstances.  Conditions have changed in this country dramatically in the last few years and not for the better.

It is always the same people playing the violin and got the crying towel out. They are NOT telling their out of control people to behave, they are hammering at the cops that they have a hard on for them.  That is a lot of eee.

On the other hand, if this race or religious group that claims that are being singled out only committed 5%  of the crime and they were being bird dogged by the cops, I would agree that they are being unduly harassed.

Will I agree that there is a degree of police brutality in all police departments around the country by some badge happy cop? Absolutely but that is less than 1%.

FOLKS; put the violin back in the case, that same old sad tune is killing me – wring out the crying towel and start EDUCATING your people on how to behave themselves on being stand-up citizens of this country. If after you accomplish that and you still are being harassed, only then  will I agree with you.

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Quit passing the buck and blaming everyone in the world for your shortcoming. There comes a time in life when EVERYONE has to be responsible for their own actions.

Don’t commit the crime – you won’t have to do the time. Don’t pull a gun on a cop and you won’t get shot. Pretty simple. That applies to all race and people.

It is going to take years to renew the trust between all parties concerned; Today is a good day to start.  Honestly, I don’t see it happening. It is past to point of return.

I would have thought the politicians that are pressing this issue were smarter than they claim to be.  They are not even  Smarter Than a Fifth Grader. They are too wrapped up in protecting their political positions.

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