Makes sense to me

Few airports require employee screening before work

The head of the Transportation Security Administration Peter Neffenger appeared to acknowledge in a recent Capitol Hill hearing that only three U.S. airports require employees to go through screening checks before coming to work, even after reports surfaced that dozens of airport workers have potential terror ties. 

Makes sense to me. Why would any airport ever think of screening a person for terrorists affiliations before they gave them a job at the airport. It is illogical – just doesn’t make any sense to do that. After all,  terrorists never target airports. Hellooo!!!!

One of the major problem we have in our country; many of the people that are appointed to these lucrative/important/responsible positions are done to repay a favor.  They are as incompetent as the people that hired them.  Because the people that hired them are as incompetent as the person that hire them and so on, this goes all the way up the ladder.

Was Mr. O qualified for the presidency or 9/10’s of other politicians for their positions when they were elected?  I will let you answer that.

It can be compared to taking your ride to a bogus mechanic that doesn’t know shit about a car repairs. He just keeps replacing parts until he find the problem or if he can’t find the solution, he lies and says he fixed it. That is until you drive out of the repair garage and hit a bus.

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This should not be a game of show and tell, it is serious business. Everyone knows it but the people on top. Take the blinders off FOLKS.

As a result of all of the incompetent people being hire or placed by other incompetent people, masses of ordinary civilians live are put in jeopardy. Best of all, after the shit hits the fan, they scatter like a heard of elk being spooked by a pack of wolves.

Leopold wolf pack hunting bull elk;Doug Smith;
May 2007

Leopold wolf pack hunting bull elk; Doug Smith; May 2007

Sad to say, our political system has turned into quagmire of people doing favors for other people to pay back debts; yes like campaign contributions. Those rich stiff don’t pay 33 grand  a plate at a fund raiser and don’t expect a big payback in return.

Guess whose kid will be the ambassador to Poland.

I don’t know this for sure but I am willing to bet the farm that before Peter Neffenger was hired as the honcho of the TSA and probably sold used cars.

Naturally I am being facetious but I would think with his experience in the Navy as an admiral, he should be a lot more in tuned to terrorists activities.  Isn’t security the TSA top priority????? TRANSPORTATION SAFETY ADMINISTRATION. 

Safety – terrorists – they just don’t mix; you know like oil and water.

Peter V. Neffenger
Peter V. Neffenger.jpg
Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration
Assumed office
July 6, 2015
President Barack Obama
Deputy Mark Hatfield Jr.
Preceded by Francis X. Taylor (Acting)
Personal details
Born 1955 (age 60–61)
Ohio, U.S.
Military service
Allegiance United States of America
Service/branch United States Coast Guard
Years of service 1982–2015
Rank US CG O9 shoulderboard.svg Vice Admiral
Commands Vice Commandant of the United States Coast Guard
Deputy Commandant for Operations
Deputy National Incident Commander, Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Commander, Ninth Coast Guard District
Commander, Coast Guard Sector Los Angeles – Long Beach


As a matter of fact he comes from a very distinguished background. That being said; I would think that he would have been well schooled in his previous occupations to address the terrorists screening before hiring people to work at airports.  Just guessing; I would think that a person is vetted more before getting hired at A&P packing bags.

The following is a statement that Jeh Johnson, the head of homeland security made when Neffenger was appointed.

Last night the Senate voted 81-1 to confirm Vice Admiral Peter Neffenger, the current Vice Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, to be the next Administrator of TSA. Admiral Neffenger understands the challenges we face, and I know he is ready to take them on at TSA. During his 30-year career in the Coast Guard, Admiral Neffenger proved himself to be an effective operator and commander. I have utmost faith in Pete Neffenger, and I am confident he will be a strong leader of TSA.  

I spent a few years in the military and NEVER heard anyone of any rank being refereed to as an effective operator.  

Poor choice of words.  An effective operator could be connected to a machine operator – a crap game dealer – some smooth con man that hates women and a host of other thing.

Guys; move those trees over, there is a forest behind them.

I wonder how long it is going to take to change policy. The way the government works, probably 1.5 years – 5 new czars appointed to investigate it matter.

I have come to a very obvious conclusion this morning; THE JUST DON’T GET IT or don’t want to.

I forgot; 3 or 4 all expense paid meetings for a 300 person committee at the 4 Seasons. Always gotta have a committed.

Commander and Chief


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