Eye for an eye

Human remains found, suspect arrested in case of missing Seattle-area woman

What a waste of a beautiful young lady’s life.

Eye for an eye should be the justice leveled at people like this piece of garbage John Robert Charlton who was arrested after killing and dismembering  Ingrid Lyne. His DNA was used to determine his involvement in the lady’s gruesome death.

Lyne went on a blind a with Charlton Friday night to a Seattle Mariners baseball game. She scrounged up garbage from some dating site on the internet.  One of the most dangerous places in the world.

images (3)

She was reported missing by her former husband after she failed to pick up her three daughters.

It is reported that after Ingrid was assaulted by this savage, then chopped her up into pieces.

Why are scum like this ever born???  That is one of the questions about blind faith that has always bugged the hell out of me. I can understand the forces of nature destruction – people dying prematurely and other natural occurrences but these savage atrocities perpetrated on people stretchs the bounds of my faith.  There is absolutely no rime or reason for horrible things happening.

This reprobate Charlton has a lengthy criminal record, including convictions for misdemeanor assault in 1997 and misdemeanor battery in Idaho in 2009.

If not an eye for an eye; turn him over to the family of his victim for some family justice. Putting trash like him in prison is giving him a better life than he had before.  Chances are if he behaves himself, he can get an early release from some bleeding hearted politician. Lots of that going on these days.

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