What you see is what you get

I completely  agree with this video. Every-time a political commercial comes on the tube with Bill’s wife, I can’t get to the clicker fast enough to change the channel.  One time I was in such a hurry, I tripped over the dog,  fell on an end table and had to sit the rest of the night with an ice bag on goolunies. Watching her is like trying to eat a lemon and keep a straight face or eating Ghost pepper without gagging.

download (3)


Let’s call spade a spade and not try to deny the fact that the lady has no personality whatsoever. 61% of the population thinks she is a liar. That is huge.

Not that all politicians are not liars but she wrote the book on it. She is the head master  or mistress (depending on how you view her) – she is the dean of denial – she is the finest of fabricators – she is the  embodiment of embellishing. What she didn’t know about lying, her tutor taught her.

If there is one person that has a Bill’s wife pegged to a “T” it is the Judgeess. This is just one of Judge Pirro’s many tapes expressing her feeling on the true character of Bill’s wife.

Although this taping is over a year old, nothing has changed except the lies are getting bigger in the Clinton camp.

The Clintonites as they like to be called  have installed a slogan hanging over the doorway in each one of her campaign offices.

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The major problem with telling a lie is, 20 more lies have to be conjured up to cover the first one and so on. Before we know it, the liar can’t remember the first lie they told and eventually they get their tit in the proverbial liars ringer.


If I am not mistaken there was a very well respected newscaster name Brian that tried to embellish his activities of covering the war to make himself look more heroic. This guy was publicly disgraced – busted down to private – put on restriction to the barracks and almost got a dishonorable discharge. What the hell is any different from what Brian did to what you just witnessed what’s her name video????

It can only be classified asdownload (4) at is’t finest.

It appears to me that her loyal followers disregard these facts that are staring them directly in the face and continue to support her.

I think I am going to set up a stand at all of her headquarters around the country selling designer bull-shit. I can probably make a fortune.


I will ALMOST – I say ALMOST will put myself out on a limb and say; I would rather see anyone sitting in the Big Chair before I see Bill’s wife there.

How can so many people see through her facade (61%) and still support her is way beyond me.

This is for all you ladies out there, something you may be-able to relate to.  When you were younger, gullible, inexperienced and dating, you were attracted to some guy that was a true to life bad boy. You loved that type of persona about the dude, made you feel good around him.  You dated for a long time but the guy only got worse with his antics.  Eventually it started to get to you.

In your gullible, distorted way of thinking, you thought; if I marry this guy he is going to change, settle down, behave himself and cut out all his nonsense.  Six years later you are sitting at home bare footed,  with 4 kids screaming at you, divorced with now money and an empty refrigerator. Fact: it is rear as hen’s teeth that anyone, male or female changes their bad habits. As they get older, the bad habits are usually magnify.

In a professional liars defense; they are so used to lying, it is an automatic with them and believe it or not, in some cases they don’t know they are doing it.

The little kid goes into the candy store and steals a piece of chocolate and gets away with it the first time.

End of  Story

Commander and Chief

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