When you point the finger at someone …

The GOP Congress is just as bad as Trump, Obama tells Democratic donors

Mr. O has forgotten one very simple rule:


President Obama told Democrats in San Francisco on Friday night that they’re fighting a three-front war in November, trying to keep the presidency while taking back the House and Senate.

The Prez made this derogatory remark last night after he sucked a bunch of very wealthy people in that are looking of some sort of favor  or we can call it a kick-back somewhere down the road.  What other reason would  anyone pay $33,400-per-couple fundraiser overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

What the hell did the chef put in the lasagna; golden truffles?  For $ 33,400 per couple or if some dummy went stag, it cost them $16,700.00, just to get a good case of agita.  If they were smart they would have brought their own bottle of Brioschi with them as an after dunner cocktail. Watch the bubbles play hell with your nose.

download                     images (1)

I wonder if that included the tip??

It has always amazed me the amount of money some fools will pay to support a political party that is as devious as Bernie made off with the money Madoff.  That is on both sides of the fence.

We all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. There is always a kick back expected if the recipient makes it to The Big Chair.  Hire my stupid, lazy  kid that can’t hold down a job – make my daughter the ambassadorship to Tim Buk Tu –  put my old man on the payroll picking up drone parts from the front lawn of the Casa Bianci but there always is a catch. 

images (2)


So for all the good FOLKS that kicked in 33 big ones; better hope your party wins so can recover some of that soldi.  Remember Brioschi came in a handy 3 pack so you don’t have to carry the whole bottle at your next giveaway.

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