Attn: PC-ers

Belgium warns of more terror cells as police arrest sixth suspect in Brussels bombing

A very short message to the PC-ers on this planet. In the long run; the PC-ers will finish last.

Many of these European countries that a ruled by bleeding hearts instead of  good judgement have found themselves in dire straights and are having a very difficult times turning it around.

First it is an inch – a foot – a yard  – a mile – then entire country.

Take a good look at some places in Mexico or Chicago for that matter They let the gangs run wild for many years thinking they could contain them. It got so out of the control that the bad guys have more soldi and more fire power than the government.  First it is an inch – a foot – a yard  – a mile – then entire country.

A smart person/company/corporation/government should learn by others mistakes and try to avoid the same blunders. Once they give away the whole enchilada, the party is over.

A word to the wise should be sufficient – I did say, to the wise!!!!!!!

Anyone in DC listening

Commander and Chief

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