A labor of love and patroitism

This is a story about a very good friend of mine Tony Doc Mazzolini and some of his crew members; along with an assortment of other good Americans that dedicated many years of their lives and their money to resurrecting a beloved B-29 named DOC.


Doc  was left to die a slow and lonely death in the desert but these good Americans would not stand for that and through years of hard work brought the old flying fighting machine back to life.

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VIDEO UPDATE: Doc roars to life after a winter’s nap

Doc and many other B-29’s like it served their country very well over a time span of many years and a couple of war. Like most government entities; after Doc served it’s purpose, the country that it served so well dumped it off in the Mojave Desert, of all things used it for target practice and forgot about it.  That is until  1987 when Tony  Doc Mazzolini found it abandon and decided to bring the old bird back to good health. Tony and friends came to the fighting machines rescue and literally pulled it out of the desert.

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Doc’s Story

Tony and his friends, in conjunction  with the physical and monetary support of many patriotic Americans;  after years of hard nose negotiations, cutting through bureaucratic red tape, solid perseverance and a take no for an answer dedication, they got the Old Bird back in action and fired up.

One would think that the government agencies would full co-operate in this rescue effort but like all things in politics; if a project does not make some of the bureaucrats look like heroes, they don’t want any part of it.

Doc’s rescuers  demonstrated what people in the USA used to be all about when patriotism was a full time character trait, not a periodic, temporary spasm.

The websites above tell the whole story of what it meant to a few good – patriotic Americans to bring back  an old friend back from a death sentence.

God bless America and these people for their tireless devotion to a very worthy cause and an old time symbol of what America used to stand for.

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