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Veterans’ charities reportedly receive fraction of money raised by Trump event

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More than two months after Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump claimed to have raised $6 million for veterans’ charities at a fundraiser held on the eve of the Iowa caucuses, most of the organizations targeted to receive the money have gotten less than half of that amount.

The Wall Street Journal, citing a survey of the 22 groups listed by Trump’s campaign as prospective recipients for the money, reported that 19 organizations had obtained a total of $2.4 million from Trump’s foundation or associates. 

If this is true and that always is a question in the dirty game of politics, Donny should kick in out of his personal account whatever is missing out of the 6 million he promised the vets.

The crooks that stole the money, if it was stolen,  must be related to the Wounded Warriors bunch that was just shit canned after stealing and misapproiating million from the fund; they are Scumbags

The Donald should be the first one to want to keep a commitment he has made. 6 mill to Trump is me leaving a saw buck for a tip.

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I have to believe; if Trump wasn’t so obnoxious and arrogant coming out of the gate, the news media would have been a lot easier on him than they are.  This guy can’t rip one and someone jumps on it.

There is no doubt, Trump is his own worst enemy. It is a shame because he has a lot to offer. When someone is trying to win friends and influence people they better be wearing their best suit and on the best behavior.  At least one of those are right.

How to win friends and influence people


Unfortunately, the man has so much to give but is lacking a very big quality needed in dealing with the public; diplomacy.  I think if Trump had the right people surrounding him and him heeded their advice, he could make a very good president.

The sign of a great leader is to always have their ears open and in many cases their mouth shut. Anyone that thinks they are the only ball game in town just shows their ignorance. As we have witnessed, we are surrounded with them.

There is a particular name for these kind of people; blovators. I like to call them bull-shitters .


Lots of conservation and little action. Lip service. 

A person doesn’t have to be an out of control bulldozer to move a lot of dirt. It takes a good machine and an operator with finesse. Right Jimmy!!

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