What business does the USA have there??

Why is it that the USA is the self-appointed watch dog for the world you ask? The only logical answer is, to make sure the big boys investments $$$$$$$$ are safe.



The Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) is an international peacekeeping force overseeing the terms of the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. The MFO generally operates in and around the Sinai peninsula.

To put this in perspective; our troops are in the Sinai, as the article states may be in eminent danger of being attacked from the ISIS terrorists. Their mission in that part of the world is only to make sure that peace is kept between Egypt and Israel. Isn’t  that sweet. Aren’t Egypt and Israel capable of handling their own affairs?  There has to be a lot more at stake than just a peace keeping mission.

Is this going to turn into another Benghazi slaughter where our troops were  abandon and left to fend for themselves? We all know what the aftermath of that was.

To me it is a disgrace that our fighting men and women are sitting ducks waiting for the enemy to attack while we are protecting the interests of people in foreign countries and most probably, protecting the interests of some fat cat Americans that have a huge investments in the area. That is what it is always about, the money.

If and when an attack happens at their base in the Sinai, I hope they get the support they need and not wind up like the people in Benghazi did. Better yet, bring them all home.

After the fact; the Benghazi thing was swept under the rug and forgotten.  Naturally, no one took any responsibility for the slaughter. Many of the people that were supposed to be responsible for the safety of the Benghazi people either got lost in the shuffle or are running for political office. Need a hint?

How easily our heroes are forgotten.

Commander and Chief

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