Our heroes of their day

Iowa State players credited with saving woman’s life

These three studs from Iowa State were the heroes of the day when they dove into a canal and saved a drowning motorist.

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When the vehicle driven by  Luis Maria Castro went off the road and into a canal, these three  football players didn’t hesitate for one second to rescue the damsel in distress. They dove right into the canal located at South Padre Island and saved Luis’s life. When they got to her, she was trying in vein to kick out the cars windows to get out. Her knights in shinning armor took over and got her out of the car.

Former Cyclones linebacker Jack Spreen told The Associated Press that he and some friends were sitting on a balcony at their hotel on March 16 when they noticed a car go into the nearby canal. Spreen said he, current Iowa State linebacker Anthony Lazard and Joe Doran, a walk-on who is no longer on the team, sprinted to the water.

Some positive stories unfortunately have a negative ending. It seems that Ms. Castro had a little too much hooch in her system at the time, which was the cause of her losing control of her car.

Hopefully she will take her GUYS out for dinner to show her gratitude. I would recommend that the lady sticks to Pepsi instead of vino.

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