One of Mr. O’s main men

Murders, shootings soar in Chicago through first three months of 2016

If I am not mistaken, Rham Emanuel quit his post with the Obama administration to go to bigger and Greener Pastures in The Windy City.  Since he has been at the helm in Chicago, the city has gone from bad to worse. It far exceed what the Wild West used to look like on a Saturday night.

Be careful of what you wise for Lad.


This year alone the city has seen 141 homicides, compared to 82 homicides at the same point last year. This year 677 shootings this year compared to 359 murders at the same point last year. It is only April FOLKS.  Summer time is when the heat really goes up!!

The Chicago Police Department reported 468 murders in 2015, a 12.5% increase from the year before. There were also 2,900 shootings in 2015, 13% more than the year prior, according to police department records.

I don’t want to lay the entire jacket on the lad but it was his vision to turn things around.

There is one element that some of the cities fathers (and mothers) don’t seem to be able to grasp. It take harmony between the leaders of the cities and the police departments to have a satisfactory working relationship. Good working relationship, the city runs smooth and everyone is happy. They are not very savvy people.

When the cops know that the mayors do not have their back and they are constantly undermining everything they do; all it does is create grief between the two parties.

This seems to be the crux of many problems in government and big business. Everyone’s ego is TOO big  to try and develop a happy medium. No one wants to bend.

Prime example: Instead of Emanuel  taking the advice of the top cops that have been with the city when he was kicking shit out of his diaper, as who to appoint as the city’s new chief; this ego driven guy is going to appoint who he thinks is the right person.  Sounds like some of Obama’s bad habit rubbed off on the dude.


Leaders; start acting like leaders instead of fools (infant boys and girls). You will make the troops a lot happier and possibly make a better life for yourself.

Don’t worry FOLKS; your ego will mend someday.

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Commander and Chief


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