Obama Spells Out Dangers of Terrorists Getting Hands on Insecure Nuclear Material

This is possibly one of the most prolific statements I have ever heard Mr. O make.


President Barack Obama addressed more than 50 world leaders at the Nuclear Security Summit today, where he spelled out the risks of insecure nuclear material finding its way into the hands of terrorists.

“At hundreds of military and civilian facilities around the world, there is still roughly 2,000 tons of nuclear materials and not all of this is properly secured. And just the smallest amount of plutonium, about the size of an apple, could kill and injured hundreds of thousands of innocent people,” Obama said. “It would be a humanitarian, political, economic and environmental catastrophe with global ramifications for decades. It would change our world.”

One of my 5th graders could have deduced that two years ago.

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I have only one piece of advice I can give to the 50 + world leaders. Go after them before they come after us. Don’t just sit there  sipping a martini and  talk about it.  I am a nobody but I do know, getting a nuclear bomb is ISIS and the rest of the terrorists ultimate goal.

Quit play paddy-cake with one another and put together a good offense plan to eliminate these people; ASAP. All the summit meetings in the world are not going to change the inevitable;  except spend the shit out of the taxpayers money. Ever hear of teleconferencing? It’s a lot cheaper.

Like my DI at Parris Island,  Staff Sergeant (The Master of Disaster) Merrill used to scream at  us.

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You fuckin ladies  best not be standing there with your dick in you hands when the shit hits the fan and not know what to do; do some god-damn thing, even if it is wrong. 

The man was a genius and didn’t know it. I owe my ass to him and the old man many times over.

I wonder if all of the 50 world leaders – ooded and odded at the brilliance of  Obama’s statement?

I think  that statement ca be called a foregone conclusion.

Commander and Chief


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