Underlying message???

US may allow dollars to be used in Iran business deals

The Obama administration may soon tell foreign governments and banks they can start using the dollar in some instances to facilitate business with Iran, officials told The Associated Press, describing an arcane tweak to U.S. financial rules that could prove significant for Tehran’s sanctions-battered economy.

The Obama administration  gave them the store now he wants to give them the farm.

Unless I am looking cross eyed at this; by aiding and abetting the enemy in their economy it only makes the country stronger and in turn makes their military stronger. Yes, the same military that has vowed to wipe out the USA and many other countries.  Hellooooooo!!!!!

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For all of the chaos Iran has given the world, why would any country try to help them get back on their feet.


There has to be some underlying message there that isn’t clear to; me or is it???

Commander and Chief


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