Plant one on the palace

US, allies seek to put pressure on North Korea at nuclear summit

Faced with a North Korean regime bent on developing a nuclear-armed long-range missile, President Obama will meet Thursday in Washington with several world leaders — including those of China, Japan and South Korea — in an effort to hammer out a “united” response.

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Some of the worlds big wigs are getting together to see if they can stop or contain the Kid Dic-tator with the possibility he may follow through with his latest threats of using his nukes.

They are asking; can he be stopped.  I say certainly he can be stopped but it won’t be pretty. It all depends on just how serious they are or is this meeting just another reason for them to have tea and talk about the family?

I have always been a advocate of; a good offensive is a very good defense.

The problem with a guy like The Kid-tator; he is so mentally unstable that no on ever knows what he will do at the spur of the moment. Anyone that would have his uncle executed because he fell asleep during a parade has to be  a certified mental case.

How do we deal with a mad-man; hit him  before he hits us.

I know that this concept is a little hard for some people to accept; but these are the rules of survival. Get them before they get you.

We all know that when China pulls the strings and the Korean puppet dances. Before I would drop on on the palace I would put the lean on China to get their adolescent kid in line. But, don’t wait too long. People with hair triggers like the Kid Dick-tator can go off at anytime.

I wonder if his aunt ever invited him for dinner after he offed her hubby????

Commander and Chief


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