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Chipotle plans to open burger chain

How many burger chains can the country support?

Chipotle Mexican Grill said Wednesday it has applied for a trademark for “Better Burger” as part of a business diversification move to open a burger restaurant chain.

I know one thing for sure, the owners better clean their kitchens and check their produce before they unlock those  grand opening doors. The Mexican eatery chain has had some bad luck in the past couple of years putting some of their customers in sick-bay.

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Since their fall from graces, their stock has taken a beating. That should be expected. I am really surprised they are still in business after giving so many people the marabundies.

The restaurant business can be a very lucrative one  but it also is a very tough venture to get into.  There are so many variables and so many conditions to contend with.

It takes a lot of coordination from different directions to operate smoothly. Having good supplier – good help, (the kind that doesn’t have sticky fingers) the kind that show up for work – consistency in  service and food – developing a good following and keeping your customers out of sick-bay.

I hope for their sake it is a BETTER BURGER . Jose and the troops better figure it out, not monkey around and clean up their act before the galley opens.


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