Un-affordable healthcare

Obama-Care may force employers to pull the plug on millions of health plans, CBO report finds

Should this be considered a success??

What one man’s ego has cost the USA is inconceivable.

Obama had two  missions to push through while he was sitting in the Big Chair.

#1 affordable healthcare plan for all of the citizens of this country that was to make their lives and health care a lot better. Turned out to be a financial disaster.


To start with, the cost and development of the website for Obamacare has some conflicting figures that range from 3 – 5 billion dollars to develop. Unbelievable. I did a post when this fiasco’s numbers were released and said the Go-Daddy would have done it for $9.95.

It is not bad enough that the cost of the website was so outrageous. The project was GIVEN – GIVEN, not bid on but GIVEN to a Canadian company NOT an American company whose one of their execs went to college with Obama’s wife – GIVEN!!!! 

Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is executive at company that built Obamacare website

The Canadian company  was finally shit-canned because they were not fulfill their contract in a timely manner and some DC Wizard finally figured out the Canadians were over their head. They still billed the USA’s government  1.5 BBBBBillion dollars that was NOT refundable. You can fire me everyday for that kind of a donation.

Eventually the task was GIVEN to an American to straighten out that the administration claimed; they  were the best in the business.

I have one stupid question. If this company is the best in the business and they are an American company; why wasn’t the contract given to them from the get go???

Washington Post

A Canadian tech firm that has provided service to that country’s single-payer health care system is behind the glitch-ridden United States national health care exchange site healthcare.gov.

CGI Federal is a subsidiary of Montreal-based CGI Group. With offices in Fairfax, Va., the subsidiary has been a darling of the Obama administration, which since 2009 has bestowed it with $1.4 billion in federal contracts, according to USAspending.gov.


I would like someone to explain this to me. If anything had so many deficits attached to it, how can it be considered an accomplishment?  The un-affordable health care plan is costing the country trillions of dollars and it still is an infant. Wait until this monster grows up.

#2 on Obama’s list my be more GRAVE  than # 1. The Iran nuclear give away.

#2 was to have a deal signed with Iran where they promised not to construct a nuclear bomb. Both of these BLEW UP in Obama’s  face (although in keeping with tradition he will not admit it) and the face of the American people.  To what the fullest extent of the damage will be can not be realized for years to come.

I don’t want to go through the whole scenario because the concessions made by Obama with his main man Kerry on his knees are beyond explanation.

Just one item that bears repeating. Obama released 150 billion dollars to a country that has sworn to annihilate every USA citizen.

Here is a unbelievable antidote one for you. If this doesn’t frost you balls or tomatoes, depending on what gender you are, I don’t know what will. JK as his close friends call him, publicly admitted that he knew that some of the money the USA released to Iran would go toward terrorism. Are you kidding me? These guys must think this war is a video game.



FOLKS; I do not make this stuff up. I am not that ignorant!!!! This goes way beyond ignorant and stupidity. I call it insanity.

Yesterday Kerry came out with a statement; the way the republicans candidates are behaving  they are an embarrassment. I partially agree with him. When was the last time he looked in the mirror??

The groveling he did to get the deal signed by Iran was nothing short of giving the entire farm away. If you look in the dictionary under groveling guess whose picture will be there.


gerund or present participle: groveling
  1. lie or move abjectly on the ground with one’s face downward.
    “she was groveling on the floor in fear”
    synonyms: prostrate oneself, lie, kneel, cringe

    “George groveled at his feet, begging for mercy”
    • act in an obsequious manner in order to obtain someone’s forgiveness or favor.
      “everyone expected me to grovel with gratitude”
      synonyms: be obsequious to, fawn on, kowtow to, bow and scrape to, toady to,truckle to, abase oneself to, humble oneself to;

      curry favor with, flatter,dance attendance on, make up to, play up to, ingratiate oneself with;
      informalcrawl to, suck up to, lick someone’s boots
      “she was not going to grovel to him”

It may just be a rumor. I heard Kerry brought his personal tailor on the trips he took to Iran. He had to have the material on the knees  of his pants replaced 7 times during what he called negotiations.  He has no justification to say anyone is an embarrassment.

Unfortunately it is not in 95% of the politician’s DNA to admit they made a mistake. How can anyone make so many obvious costly mistakes and still stand tall and deny them? Behavior like this takes years to develop.

How can Mr. O claim he made any positive impact on the economy of the country? When he took office in 2008 the National debt was at 10.8 trillion. When he leaves office it will be  very close to 21 trillion dollars. Success should be measured by the financial and social accomplishments a person makes that makes situations better.


The good citizens of the USA are just pawns in the hands of politicians. The vast majority of politicians forget why they were elected and who they were elect by.  It is all about them.

And Bill’s wife claims she want to continue with Obama’s legacy. Heaven help us.


For some people to see these accurate – substantiated facts and figures in black and white and still support the people that fostered them is beyond logic.


Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad  move!!

Commander and Chief



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