Sounds fair to me!!!

In one of the Trumpster’s platforms; he has suggested if he were president; he would demand that Saudi Arabia and other oil rich Middle Eastern countries pay the USA to protect them. They are going to have to start reimbursing our country for that sacrifice and service. What is the matter with that?


The wars on foreign soil that the Bush administration started have cost the country trillions of dollars. Without any doubt, the wars are one of the main contributes as to why the USA in in the financial bind it is in.  The upper crust hasn’t missed a meal.

This should have been a consideration/concession way before our troops illegally invaded Iraq the first time.  I would conclude that the Middle Eastern countries have benefited more from our presents in their country than we have. If not pick up the whole tab they should be contributing substantially.

There are some very serious ties between the Bush family and the Middle Eastern rulers going back many years. One has to wonder just how many back door deals took place before and after the USA’s military involvement ever took place. I have to think that the phone lines were burning up between the Casa Bianca and the Sand Castles.

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Excerpt for the book: House of Bush – House of Saud by Greg Unger.

The Saudis never enjoyed the same kind of intimacy and ease with the Clinton administration as they did with the Bush administrations. The connections, cultivated over a quarter of a century, are complex and multifarious, emanating outwards from Houston, centred on oil, embracing both the public and private sector activities of the House of Bush, lubricated and driven by money and power. Unger estimates that $1.476 bn has made its way over time from the Saudis to the House of Bush, and its allied companies and institutions. He writes: “It could safely be said that never before in history had a presidential candidate – much less a presidential candidate and his father, a former president – been so closely tied financially and personally to the ruling family of another foreign power. Never before had a president’s fortunes and public policies been so deeply entwined with another nation.”

Just using a little common-sense; would anyone not consider that there was some serious backdoor dealings going on between the two families to keep that very healthy financial relationship amicable?

It is a shame to say that the American people have been used as Guinea pigs for many years so a very few could prosper.

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How does all of this tie together? Use your imagination.  If in fact this arrangement did exist; don’t you think there would have been some substantial arrangements made not to infringe upon their on going, we can call it,  working arrangements?

It only makes sense to me that if some wealthy business man hires me to protect his family on his property – I gave up most of my  former activities to fulfill this arrangement making his protection my main focus, who should be paying me and picking up my expenses, me or him??? I rest my case.

Here we go again FOLKS; it is only common-sense.  The Donald is a little far out with some of his issues but I think he hits the nail on the head with this one.

If they want to calls the USA mercenaries, so be it.

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