Now we are the robots


Company apologizes for tearing down wrong tornado-damaged home:

Lindsay Diaz and her son where wait for the insurance company to settle her claim on their home that was damaged by a tornado in  Seagoville, Texas in December; (we all know how expedient insurance companies are)  when she came home and got the surprise of her life. HINT; it wasn’t a new car from her boyfriend.

Diaz and her neighbor, Alan Cutter, who lives in a duplex/side by side  had been waiting on insurance and a possible assistance from FEMA (good luck on that end too).

Both parties were away for the day. When they got home what  they saw was much worse than what Mother Nature left them with in December.  Both of the homes were completely demolished.


The only thing left in tact was the sidewalk leading to what used to be their front doors. The demo guy probably left it there for the mail man.

The Demo guy Billy L. Nabors; no relation to Jim Nabors

had a permit to tear down a duplex at 7601/7603 Cousteau on the next block and got the two streets mixed up. He blamed Google Maps for sending them a block over to Calypso.

There may have been a glitch with Google but the cold hard facts of life are; mankind has experienced a big role reversal in their lives. Where we used to control the technology, the technology is now controlling us.

When was the last times anyone you know used a map to plan a trip or even to go the Home Depot to buy a 2×4?  If Billy Nabors would have used a map instead of  relying on a machine, the two parties homes would still be standing.

The big role reversal taking place in this world is where the machines/gadgets mankind invented have turned the tables on us and they are controlling us. We are now the slaves to the machine we invented. As a matter of fact, we are use the machines we invented to help invent other machines that are more sophisticated than they are.  That is really going to stir up the stupid pot with mankind even more.

Cash register goes down at the Golden Arches and the kid is forced to use their dormant brains to count your change; disaster.  One day I that very scenario happened to me.  I told the young lady at the deceased cash register, if she needed to go past 10 counting on her fingers, she may have to take her shoes and socks off before I got my change.

No one talks to each-other anymore. Email or TEXT. Texting has made mush out of the minds of many people because they do not know how to verbally communicate.  Many people won’t answer their phones these days because they prefer to text. Insanity.

Get out the dictionary to look up a word. Four-get-bout-it. Google the word. TV guide, I don’t think they even make them anymore.  Talk to your phone to send messages or get information is the order of the day. I call that generic lady on the recorder that talks back to me a bitch once and awhile to make myself feel better. Calculators are allowed in class rooms – insanity again. What is calculating the answer – the machine or the person. Mush for brains.

images (6) download (11)

The fact of the matter is, we are at the disposal of a machine to conduct our daily activities and control our lives.  In my opinion,  in some secnatsmucric (thank goodness for spell check) the old ways were the best ways.

We can always make lemonade out of lemons and look at the positive side of things. If it were not for the computer and the electronic age; The Goomba Gazette would have never had the chance to rear it’s unabridged – opinionated – pontifical points of view.  All is not lost.

I left out humble and modest.

Meanwhile the demo guy Billy, his close friends call him Bill, said he would make it right with the people that had their homes torn down accidentally.  What that means is anybody’s guess. I think he will hire a high priced ambulance chaser and sue Google for putting him on the wrong street.

I wonder if Billy, his close friends call him Bill; ever thought of looking at the street signs. I know they have street signs in Texas; how do the think the cows find their way to the barns at night????

shooting from the hip

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