Come on your majesty

San Francisco mayor bans city workers from traveling to North Carolina

Is this wack job on an ego trip or what??? What is next; is this joker going to put out an edict as to when he SUBJECTS can defecate and in what color??


Mayoress Lee should not have the authority to tell his SUBJECTS where they can travel to or anything else that is not associated with their on the job performance.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said in a statement Friday he doesn’t want any city workers to travel to North Carolina unless necessary in wake of its legislation which blocks anti-discrimination for gay, lesbian and transgender people.

Let’s face it Eddy; not everyone on the planet has to espouse to you ideologies, that is why American used to be called the home of the free.

The straight people in this world should have as much of  a say so/right  on how they conduct their lives as the gay people do. But it appears to me that many of the lilly livered  conservative people cowards are caving in big time to the PC-ers. First it is an inch – foot – mile and now may be impossible to turn this quagmire back around, especially that our government is overseeing this ambush on straight people’s rights and are turning their heads the other way.

When did we ever think we would see a hard working, stand-up couple that owns a bakery get fined $135,000.00 because they are following their religious beliefs. It is a total disgrace. Those people should have as much right to refuse as Sally and Suzy do ask.

Eddy buddy. Take a break and go worry about the drunks and druggies that are pissing on your sidewalks.

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If the conservatives cowards in this country  don’t stand up and be counted soon; they are going to have these drunks pissing on them.


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