Burn my ass up – To be or not to be ….

There is always a lot of questions and controversy over whether a person should be cremated or buried. I think the solution to that problem is very easy; burn my ass up.

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Let’s face it; years ago when families were really close, (not too many are these days) people went to the bone yard on a consistent basis to visit their dearly departed. That is not the case today.

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Nutty Lady #1 probably had the phone wire connected inside the gave so she could talk to her deceased loved one. I wonder if she calls collect???

Could be the lady in picture #2 was doing some wishful thinking??????

Personally I would rather have someone visit me while’st I am still breathing. The majority of people don’t give a shit about their dead relatives anymore. The only time most of them show up is on the day the will is read to see if the dead dummy left them anything.  If they did get their palm greased, they celebrate and say how great the dead dummy was; if not they call everyone they know as say the dead dummy was a dirty son-of-a-bitch!!!!

When the poor stiff  was alive and needed help, it looked like a Chinese fire drill where everyone disappeared.  There are a few dedicated ones that stick it out and do their duty but they are far and few between.

I am going to take the fire route. It is cheaper, less complicated, don’t have to look for 2 friends to carry the garbage can, that is if I had any friends. In the long run it is a lot less intrusive on the survivors. No one has to go on the holidays and stare at the ground, talking to someone that isn’t there, putting on a show an crying  just in case someone is watching them; it is just a lot more convenient and no hassle.

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At the end of the day; Bela Lugosi hands the survivor a box he claims holds the remains (for all we really know, it can be a couple of burnt up 2×4’s, who will know the difference) to the weeping survivor; (the tears never last long, by the time they get the exit door of the funeral home, everyone put their snot rags away) then off to the restaurant they go to celebrate the passing.  Some of them probably open the window of the car and dump the ashes out on the way home. Don’t want to littler the mantle.

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To Be Or Not To Be that is the question.  I say TO BE; keep it simple and take the heat; you won’t feel a thing.

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