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‘I did not check their religion’: Priest earns praise, threats for saving thousands from violence in Africa

Fox News

This is what I am talking about. Here we have a man who is putting his life on the line, is following the teachings of the Catholic religion by helping others under extreme duress and not being  concerned as to who the people are or what their religious beliefs are.

Father Bernard Kinvi seen below is very humbled by the prospect of winning a $1 million peace prize for saving hundreds and possibly thousands of Muslims and Christians alike from the sectarian violence that grips his nation.


Kinvi is a priest from the Central African Republic that is one of four finalists of the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity, an annual award given by humanitarian initiative 100 Lives, which was formed in honor of those who survived the Armenian Genocide over a century ago. The prize is given every year to individuals or groups that commit an extraordinary act of humanity.

He is credited with harboring more than 1,500 refugees, without regard to their religious beliefs, as they fled the violence.

My presence amongst them has given them refuge, Kinvi said. Those who are injured or sick are all treated at my hospital. We feed the hungry and we intervene to free those who have been captured. We visit those who fled and sought refuge in Cameroon to give them moral support and encourage them not to seek vengeance.

All of these works of giving and charity by this man are totally voluntary on his part, done without the expectation of acknowledgement or recognition.

I will say without any reservations that Father Kinvi is one HELL of a priest that has gone way beyond what was expected of him. All of the other priests in the world, especially the ones that have fallen off the religious wagon should use Kinvi as their role model. This what religion is supposed to be all about.

This man is the real deal and deserves all the monetary and public recognition that he has coming to him.

It makes me feel very good to have someone as outstanding as Father Kinvi to blog about with all of the negativity in this world.

I hope he gets rewarded here on earth with good health and if there is a HERE-AFTER, he gets to sit very close to the MAiN-MAN when it is his time.

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