Dirty political pool

Trump lashes out over hostile ad featuring his wife, vows to ‘spill the beans’ on Cruz spouse

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I have maintained all along that Cruz reminds me Oil Can Harry; in more subtle terms a slim-bag.

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Put a mustache on Teddy and there is a strong resemblance.

Harry is really playing a game of dirty pool. His campaign ran an ad, paid for by the anti-Trump Make America Awesome PAC, shows a nude photo of Trump’s wife from a GQ magazine shoot. Overlying text reads, “Meet Melania Trump, your next first lady. Or you could vote for Ted Cruz on Tuesday.”

That is about as low as a man can get bring another man wife into the fight. Teddy need a good old fashion ass whipping.  Even the Mafia, as bad as they are, had a code of ethics years back that families were off limits.

Two guy in a fight can punch – kick – scratch each-other eyes out – rip their ears off – pull off their ugly wigs – call each-other name; that is all well a good. But when they start bringing family members into the fight; that is when they are classified as scum-bags and cowards.

What relevance does Trump’s wife have with his ability to be president?

Through the years we have had our share of eclectic first ladies. Many of the wonderful people and some of the them extremely hard to take. Thinking back, the best looking one and the most famous  was Jackie O.  Not only was she beautiful, she added a lot of class to JFK and the Casa Bianca.

I guess because the pictures of Trump’s wife in the nude are public record, they are fair game but it is highly unethical and cowardly to bring an opponents wife into their pissing contest.

From listening to Trump’s come-back to Teddy; Cruz’s wife must have some skeletons in her closet that Trump is going to let out.

This thing can turn into a better series than the Days of Our Lives.

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I think under different circumstances; we put both men in the ring and let them settle the score the old fashion way. I gotta put my money on Trump; although he is a little large around the waste, probably in bad shape.   If he landed a good upper cut to that hook snozz that is hanging  on the front of Teddy face, it would be all over.

The old school rule is; you can **** with me all you want but leave my family out of it.

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