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USA today

Brussels on lock-down after deadly blasts rock airport, subway

At least 28 people were killed and dozens more injured as coordinated terrorist attacks rocked the Brussels airport and subway system during rush hour Tuesday morning.

These terrorists are relentless with their cause to eliminate anyone that does not subscribe to their mentality or way of life. They have no compulsion about dying for their cause and better yet killing whomever opposes them. The only way to combat them is on their level or above and adjusting to whatever means are necessary to win. Naturally, a very big deterrent to their war on the world should included friendly forces having access to sensitive cell phone records.

IF – IF the cell phone companies would have allowed the authorities to hack into their phones, this and many other attacks to come could have or could be circumvented. You can bet the house on it; there are many more coming. Where and when, no one knows without some inside assistance.

It absolutely does not make sense to me that the cell phone companies are so obstinate in their position not to cooperate with the authorities. What if their family member was in Brussels and was a victim; would they have a different mindset???

The hacking can be done on an individual as needed basis. It does not have to be Carte Blanche situation written in stone.

Like I have stated so many times; unusual situations call of unusual actions.  Just like water boarding. Whatever it takes to get the information necessary from a terrorist, it should be allowable. Would we rather see a few people get water boarded and give up critical information or see 100 or 1,000 people killed because the authorities have their hands tied by some irresponsible rules.  Gotta play by their game FOLKS.

Keep this in mind. The terrorist are very intelligent and sophisticated people.  They are well aware of the facts (as ridiculous as it may sound) that they are in a war with people that have rules they fight by. They are using that antiquated, unrealistic mentality to work in their favor.

Do you want to have a peaceful, harmonious and fantasy way of life; go to Disney World. The world is at war.

Remember FOLKS; the only rule in a fight is winning; the only rule in a war is winning by any means necessary.

I would say without reservations; if the people that hold  the keys to these cell phone companies do not want to relinquish any and all information needed by authorities, they should be put in jail immediately.  This is not the time to negotiate.  The clock is ticking.

I watched a French official last week on the tube in tears because his hands were tied not being able to hack into the terrorists phones.  Is it insanity or what??

These are desperate times FOLKS and they are going to get worse; unless there is 1,000% co-operation between all parties necessary to combat terrorism.

If anyone doesn’t think we are in desperate times; go take a ride on the Metro in Brussels.

Is this what the cell phone execs want to see all over the world because they are ignorant and pig-headed?  Co-operate or become a statistic.

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I have always maintained; if there is nothing to hide,  why not co-operate?

There are slews of people that object to cameras everywhere; they say it is invading their privacy.  I say put them every 10 feet if they will help prevent or solve a crime. FOLKS; the rules are different in 2016.

My deepest sympathies to all the people killed and their families.

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