Best of the worst

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton viewed unfavorably by majority – CBS/NYT poll

According to polls; about 50 – 60 % of the people neither like Trump or Bill’s wife.  That is no big surprise to me.

Regarding politics, I have always said; it is a shame that the American people for so many years were subjected to pick from the best of the worse.

Is there truly an ideal – perfect person for the Big Seat? Absolutely yes but they are smart enough not to want to get mixed up in the political rat race.


Politics has become so corrupt with all of the commandos in offices at all levels of government, from councilmen to the president, feathering their own nest it is shameful.

If there was a good guy/gal (wanna be PC) that wanted to make a difference, the odds against them are stacked too high. Under those conditions,  it is almost impossible for anyone to accomplish anything. Who in their right mind would want that headache???

Ever watch the movie Serpico??? If not, make it a point to, it is a great movie.  It is based on corruption in the police department.  The moral of the story is; some things can not be fixed, they are bigger than all of us!!!

Commander and Chief

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