One hell of a strong lady

She is one hell of a tough lady; physically and mentally.

If someone were to tell me that they were going to walk from Siberia to Australia; the first thing I would tell them is to go see a shrink.  Well this is exactly what a lady named Sarah Marquis did.

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Take a look at he journey route. It is remarkable that anyone would even consider undertaking an almost impossible task such as that,  let alone completing it.

Marquis’s initial idea — to walk from Siberia through the Gobi desert to China, then to Laos and on to Thailand, before taking a cargo boat to Brisbane, Australia, to walk across that continent – came to her while she was walking home from the grocery store.

Marquis grew up in Switzerland where she started extreme walking at the age of 17.  She is now 42 years old and still hoofing it but now doing her thing on National Geographic dime, documenting all of her exploits.  Sahara wrote a book called  “Wild by Nature” that documents her travels.

Her only concern on these undertakings were not just the physical aspect of the journey, the danger of being attacked by wild animals and the two legged type were also a consideration.

Marquis should stand as an example to all people that nothing is impossible in life.

She is a lady that should be admired.

I wonder how many pair of shoes she went through????

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