Possibly smoking Mexican weed

This interview between Vinnie Fox and that Smirking Cheesy Cat Anderson Cooper is a joke.

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Helen Keller could see that Cooper was leading the Mexican ex-pres like a seeing eye dog into the loaded questions he was asking.


Pay attention to the later part of the interview where Vinnie Fox says that the USA has never been as strong as it is today. He possibly may be smoking some of the loco weed they grow down there. All of the problems this country is up against must be a Mirage.  If so, I wish they would disappear.

Vinnie also claims that Mexico does not need the USA. I guess he hasn’t visited those holes in the fence. If the Mexican people have it so good south of the boarder; why do we have to build a wall to keep them out??  His people are risking their lives to cross the boarder.

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According to statistics; the money the Mexican people send back to their country from the USA is Mexico’s 2nd highest source of revenue; only 2nd to oil they export. From where I stand that is a sizable piece of change.



Sales from oil account for nearly a third of all government revenue. Remittances from Mexican immigrants in the United States to their families back home FRONTLINE/WORLD . Mexico – The Ballad of Juan … – PBS are a major source of income in Mexico, second only to oil and surpassing even the tourism industry.

I would think, if a notable person such as Vinnie is going to try and discredit someone he would at least have their facts straight.

The Cheesy Cat gloated all the way through the interview.    images (1)

Commander and Chief


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