Put a muzzle on them

On February 28th the Oscars will hit the airwaves again; showcasing all of the Special People in the movie industry.

I still say Will Smith should have got the nod for Concussion!!!!

Most of them are decent people; some came from nowhere and didn’t forget it but than we have the others that think they can walk on water or when they fluctuate they do not leave an odor.

There should be an agreement written up for all of the award programs that the people that appear on them leave all of the personal agendas at home.  Not only do they bore the hell out of everyone that tuned-in; they also take up a lot of time making fools out of them-selves airing their laundry.

download (2)

As we can see by the video; there are a multitude of ignorant enablers/supporters of these fools that applaud for them. They are as bad as the microphone snatchers.  The fools that support them actually encourage their juvenile misbehavior.

There should be  a couple of bouncers stationed just out of camera range to extract the people that snatch microphones out of other peoples hands or the act like fools just to vent their stupidity.

images (7)

Speaking of what’s his name; Mr. Karma may have come to town.


I wonder how many people are going to contribute to the K (I am 53 million in debt) W fund? Might as well get a blow torch and burn it up.  People like KW never learn their lesson.

Is anyone that delusional to think KW is going to change his life style if some one bails him out???

Commander and Chief



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