Slaughtering mercenaries

Dentist who shot Cecil the lion wanted to kill elephant next, guide says

kill elephant next, guide says

Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who has gone into hiding amid an international outcry over his killing of a beloved African lion, also wanted to shoot a large elephant on the ill-fated hunting trip, his guide has told a British newspaper.



The fools that hunt wild animals for sport instead of for food are nothing but a group of insecure ego maniacs. It is all done to boost up their inferiority complexes. They may be big with the bucks and in stature but they are poor excuses for human-beings.

I put them in the same category as poachers that are killing gorillas – elephants and rhinos for their body parts.

No animal should be killed unless it’s meat is to be used for human consumption.

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At least; if these mercenaries gave the dead animals to the local villagers for food, that would  make their killing a little more tolerable.

I can’t imagine shooting an elephant, taking out a chain saw and cutting off their head so I can have it stuffed and put on my wall. Shooting a Silver back gorilla; taking out a chain saw, cutting their hands off so I could display on my coffee table or their head on my wall. There is absolutely something mentally wrong with these people.

I understand that there are situations where herds need to be thinned out due to over population; those are different circumstances.

The fact of the matter is; many times the ruling body in these countries  that issue hunting permits are more heartless than the poachers. They are selling the slaughter licenses illegally and for big bucks and turning their backs on the atrocities.

I always believe in giving every-one an even chance. Put the hunters in a cage with the animal they want to kill and to be fair we will give them a baseball bat to try and even the odds. If they are successful in their kill, they get to keep the prize.

That would be  about as fair to the hunters with their high powered rifles as they are to the animals.

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