Why single-out my people????

Why single-out my people???? This is the old story we are constantly hearing from the black community.  Why are they being singled out you ask?? Look at this video and tell me what you see.


5 black ( I hate to call them men) boys beat up 1 white guy who happens to be a decorated military veteran that has put his life on the line so cowardly punks like them can live in peace and safety. 5 against 1.  Very tough guys.

Christopher Marquez, 30, was eating in a back corner of the The Golden Arches when this group of instigating, trouble-making punks approached his table and began harassing him. They were definitely looking for a victim that night.

Here is a before and after.

images (5)

Christopher hit the nail on the head when he said “I’m telling this to everybody because it’s been happening a lot around here and across our country,” Marquez told “Fox & Friends.” “It was a hate crime. They targeted me because of my skin color. So, we’re seeing a lot of these events of people being attacked because they’re white. And I’m thinking we have to speak up more about this because it’s just going to continue to happen.”

Marquez, a decorated Marine served  from 2003 to 2011. He was awarded the Bronze Star with combat distinguishing device for valor during the battle for Fallujah, Iraq, in November 2004. Marquez is one of two Marines depicted carrying then-1st Sgt. Bradley Kasal out of the so-called “Hell House” in a famous photograph. This is the kind of thanks he gets for his service.

Evidently; the 5 cowards asked Marquez what he thought about The Black Lives Matter issue; they didn’t like his answer so the beat him up (5 against 1) knocked him out and stole $400.00 from him. What in the name of common-sense or  sanity does Black Lives Matter matter to punks like this????? It is just another very poor excuse to instigate problems.

They are nothing but a a group of criminals – cowards and thieves. I am being polite.

Beside acting like animals; I don’t know what their motivation was except an excuse to beat the hell out of someone, rob them.  If they are trying to make a case for Black Lives Matter to look good,  they are doing a piss poor job of it.

This country is turning into a slug fest between the races and from where I sit, I don’t see any improving anytime soon. Unless people from all races admit there is a severe problem and sincerely want a change; it will never go away.

Indirectly I blame the black community for not taking a more positive/active role in EDUCATING their younger people on how to live and develop into respectful citizens of this country.  Than I blame the government for not initiating programs to help circumvent this on going, disastrous problem.

I am not making excuses for the behavior of people like these 5 punks BUT; these are the facts. If a person regardless of what race was born and raised in a dysfunctional family/society – role models are like hens teeth, they do not exist – there is no guidance – no direction – no discipline – no structure – no consequences,  how would we expect them to develop and mature?  We are all products of our environment, good and bad.

I believe that incidents such as this are only going to perpetuate more copycat crimes.

I am not implying that there are no white against black crimes  committed; what I am saying that it is 8 – 1, black against white. Just for the sake of conversation; these are facts, upwards of about 80% of the crimes are committed by blacks in the USA.


Black males ages 30 to 34 have the highest incarceration rate of any race/ethnicity gender and age combination. (According to America Community Survey.) “In 2014, 6% of all black males ages 30 to 39 were in prison, compared to 2% of Hispanic and 1% of white males in the same age group.”

6% OF ALL BLACK MALES  30 – 34 years of age – that is a frightening statistic. If I were a black leader, that number should be a very big eye opener to me. Like in so many other areas in all races, the leaders are more interested in filling their coffers than committing them-self to  a dilemma like this.

It is too bad the Marine was not armed a shot a couple of them. Headlines lines in all of the liberal news media would have read:


Put the crying towel away FOLKS and do what is necessary to address these problems.

A person can be killed by being kicked and punched as well as by using a weapon. If that scenario would have played out, I am sure the bleeding hearts would come out in droves.

If this country is ever going to make any progress in race relations; the GUILTY parties on all sides of the fence, have to get their heads out of the sand and come up workable solutions. Ignoring them is not the answer.

If there would be only one accomplishment the people of this country should focus on in their lives it should be; live and let live. All lives do matter!!!!

We all came from the same place; no one race should be considered better than the other.

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The purpose of my commentaries is not to discredit one race from the other;  hopefully they will open the eyes of all races as to how we can all co-exist in or very short time on the planet.

Let’s hear a big AMEN. We are Americans.

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