Bill & Megyn – Samson & Delilah

Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly’s rivalry felt in halls of Fox News

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The person that made this analogy was is high-ranking executive  at Fox, he or she hit the nail on the head when they said; “He’s never had a serious challenger like her before.”

Bill is a hot headed Irishman that does not like to be up-staged. He is rude, overpowering, arrogant and I forgot to mention modest.

He constantly interrupts people on his program when they are talking, hates it when someone has a more valid opinion than he does and wants to be the one man show. Because of his rudeness, sometime I wonder if he hears everything his guest are saying?

On the other side of the skirt, we have Megyn Kelly that is quiet a lady . She has demonstrated her polish in many ways but especially after The Donald insulted her. She maintained her dignity by not making a big issue out of the digs. Actually, in doing so, Trump insulted himself more than he did Megyn.

With a little stretch of the imagination; possibly somewhere down the line Trump and Bill are related. The Donald and O’Reilly are cut from the same piece of burlap. In all reality, I guess a person with as much power and control these two guys have; arrogance comes with the territory. Although I have seen many people more powerful than them that maintain a very low profile.

Kelly, a very intelligent women, is extremely intense and captivated when she is listening to one of her guests; a very commendable quality to have as a reporter/anchor. Like Bill she tells it like it is, shoots straight from the hip and doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone. She is; Like Sinatra would say, with all due respect, she is a tough broad!!

I like both O’Reilly and Trump. They have a lot of balls – won’t back down from a fight – shoot straight from the hip – are not phonies to a certain extent, although I think they both need a little polishing up at times- they are both mans men and I truly believe that after we wash away all their TRUE GRIT, they are true patriots and have the welfare of this country in their hearts. Those quality can not be bought.

When Bill is bumping heads with Megyn he probably feels the rug slipping out from under his feet. He loves to have total control. He has been the bad ass for years on cable news, now he has this beautiful, intelligent lady nipping at his heals and he feels threatened.

It is not only Megyn Bill has a problem with; he is sort of a control freak and demonstrates just that. It is very obvious  when you watch his programs.

I do give O’Reilly a lot of credit for achieving what he has in life. People like Bill that come up the hard way have a tendency to want protect what they have; unlike people that come up with a golden spoon in their mouth tend not to appreciate what they have.

I give Bill and Megyn both an A+ for their programs and reporting but I gotta tell it like it is; Megyn is a lot easier to look at than O’Reilly.



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