The Evil Eye – Malocchio

Seattle woman who raised $400 G’s as cancer survivor reportedly never had the disease:

Some of the older generation Italian people believed that when the person fakes an illness or a hardship they can put the malocchio (whammies) on themselves and sometime in the future  bad luck will fall upon them.

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Or one person can put the malocchio on someone they hold a grudge against to wish them bad luck.

It appears that this Seattle female shyster Tracy Dart is trying to put the malocchio on herself or someone else is going to do it for her.


This mentally disturbed lady put on a super act for years pretending that she had breast cancer, when in actuality she never did.  This charade went on for about 4 years until her scam was finally uncovered but in the meantime she raked in about 400 grand.

I really don’t know that what she did is a punishable crime, for sure it is unethical. One thing I do know; there are a lot of people putting the malocchio on her for her underhanded actions.

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The real shame of this sham is, the people that really have cancer could have benefited from the money she stole.

One thing Tracy better keep in mind; pay-back can be  a bitch!!

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