Stranger bed-fellows

Browns owner: Johnny Manziel relationship can be repaired:


Daddy; can I borrow the Rolls tonight. Bieber and I are gonna pick up a few skanks tonight, wanna do them in style. I swear I will be on time to practice tomorrow. Yeah, how about throwing in a few dollars too. Gotta have partying money. 



We can probably compare this pathetic case of professional pampering to the Affluenze Kid and the Iranian/USA fiasco (I know this is really stretching ).

Jimmy Haslam is like a male clone of Judge Jean Hudson Boyd, the incompetent ding bat judge that set the Ethan Couch free.

It is no secret in the sports world that Johnny Boy, the poor little rich kid/part-time player for the Cleveland Browns, is constantly in a jack-pot and has continued to be shielded by the Brown’s owner Haslam more times than Donald Trump has insulted Megyn Kelly.

One can’t imagine why Jimmy is so set on protecting the him? Can be the kid has something on his boss.

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I compare Manziel to the Iranian government (really stretching again it but sounds good) ; the kid lies like a rug – has broken every promise and obligation he had with the Browns organization – has never been held accountable for his actions and the guy that is paying him is so gullible he repeatedly allows the kid to come back and misbehave again.

The kid is a class act. When have we ever seen another player ever salute the opposing team with the zeal he does? I am surprised no one has met him in the alley yet.

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Haslam like her dis-honoress the judge, must think that the spoiled brat has had too much of a privileged life and is too rich to discipline.

Manziel grew up in Texas and is the son of some very successful parents in the oil industry. Like the affluenza kid, he probably never had any boundaries.

If a tree isn’t bent when it is young; chances of straightening it out when it is fully grown are very slim.

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That is when it is time to get the axe out and chop it down. Haslam hasn’t figured that out yet.

This brat signed a contract is worth about $8.25 million, including a $4.3 million signing bonus and about $6.7 million guaranteed. What kind of incentive do any of these pampered celebs have when they have a sure thing? Absolutely none.

I stand fast on my recommendation to give them all a base pay and then pay them by performance. That sense-able arrangement would without a doubt change the sports world dramatically.

The one and only problem in professional sports is; the owners are making tooooo much money and really don’t give a damn.

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