Going in the gnorw direction FOLKS

Some people are wonder why there are so many metà e metà walking around these days.

If they are right on the edge of going either way, this new lingerie line certainly will help them be pushed over the top.



Whatever happened to the days when men were men and women were women?  Those were great character traits that bit the dust many years back and were blown away in the desert winds.


Call me old fashion if you will. I liked to better when John was not Jane and Sally was not Sam. I know it made a stronger society.

Unfortunately the kids growing up today can’t ever appreciate those days when society was half-way sane because they have never been exposed to it. I truly feel sorry for them more than anyone else.

It is no wonder that some of the weak sisters/dudesses that are right on the fringe (pardon the pun) are so ambivalent on which route to take.  They can’r make up their mind if they should take the 0730 bus or the one that leaves at 0900.  Now put some of the funny white powder, booze and mary-jo-wanna into the mix and we have some real jacked up people.

People can chastise me, break my manly balls, I really don’t care.  From time to time I am called Donald Duck  because I really don’t give a —-.  If the truth hurts; maybe it is suppose to.

No one can convince me that years back when men were men and women were women, we had as much discourse in the gender world as we have today.  History will tell us that all issues have a trickle down effect that affect and everything is connected to them in some form or another. In short; we have a big mess on our hands and the PC-ers love it.

With all of the encouragement and misdirection kids are bombarded with today, from the media, fashion, being educated by some wack professors and the like, it is very surprising that the USA is not in worse shape than it is.

I can’t say it has been a conspiracy by any particular groups that has lead us in this direction but I know one thing for sure; I am positive of, these transgressions didn’t happen by themselves.

There are a couple of old saying out there that MAY apply to this situation. You can tell the quality of a person by the cloths they wear!! You can also tell a person by the company they keep!!!

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