If The Donald ever gets the nod for the top seat, he better to get used to the fact that sometimes we can not pick and chose our battles.  We have to face all situations head on whether we like the ground rules or not. Running away from situations is a big indicator of weakness. Almost comparable to something  a spoiled brat would do.

I think he has controlled all of the ladies in his life but this firecracker Megyn doesn’t take any of The Trumpster non-sense. I think she has handled all of his off the wall remarks against her in a very strong and dignified manner.

As we all know, Trump has chosen to back out of tomorrow nights debate. Personalty I think he is making a big mistake. Essentially he is capitulating to Megyn Kelly because he claims she doesn’t treat him fairly.  Sticks and stone will ………..

Donald has to learn that politics is not a fair occupation and the person that sits in the top seat better have a thick  skin or they won’t fair too well.

Especially he being a man and Megyn a women; to The Donald’s way of rationalizing things, I would think it would be a defeat to his already inflated ego to make such a foolish and childish decision.

The marker on his tombstone will read :



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That is the last thing I would expect Trump to do was back-down from a confrontation.

What is the old saying?  He cut off his nose to spite his face.  Not a smart move.

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Toughen up Donny. There are a lot more bumpy roads ahead!!

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