Gotta be kidding me – where will it end???

PETA Actually Submitted This NSFW Ad To The Super Bowl. Wow.

Without any reservations, I have to call the sickos at PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) that put this commercial together and submitted it to be played on TV during the Super Bowl, probably some of the most ignorant blood-sucking, degenerate examples of what entertainment or information is all about.

This thing is so suggestive that it should be aired on HBO or Showtime when the kids are in bed, not in the daytime viewing during the Super Bowl.

PETA posted this more then raunchy commercial on YouTube Monday that encourages guys to go vegan for better sex. The animal-rights group told The Huffington Post it originally intended it for broadcast during the Super Bowl.

“We did try to submit the ad last fall but we didn’t get a response from the executives at CBS.”  I wonder why?????

Gee, shocking. The spot (watch below) is basically a soft-porn exercise that features a split screen of two couples going at it — one of the men is a vegan and the other not. Let’s just say the latter suffers a premature “deflategate.”

According to their spokes-fool above, PETA is attempting to send a message to the carnivorous men that  “cholesterol in meat, eggs, and dairy products slows the flow of blood to all the body’s organs—not just the heart.” Why don’t they come out and say in the man’s prick? Are they attempting to be subtle all of a sudden???

In laymen’s terms; it is the opinion of PETA it is more advantageous to eat veggies instead of dairy products and meat so a man can get a better hard-on and sustain it.

Anyone that can watch that commercial and say it is suitable for kids viewing, they absolutely need a shrink.

All of the PC-Pathetic parents running around this country are wondering why at age 8 their kids know more about sex then they did when they got married.

It is not uncommon that kids today at 12 years old and younger are having some form of sex because of the influences surrounding them.

Thanks to our one of our more recent presidents that swore he did not have sexual relations with that women; kids believed him at the time that oral sex was not considered having sex.

What a piece of work this guy is. How he can walk around with his head in the air is just indicative of his arrogance.



Monday, October 29, 2007

Posted By Anonymous L. Seifert : 12:45 AM ET  

Unfortunately, I think the whole Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky oral sex scandal had a significant influence on young people. My kids were young teens then, and to my dismay they discussed the Clinton-Lewinsky liason in school. The teacher had to explain what oral sex was. After that time, I was much more aware of teens having oral sex. (President Clinton said it wasn’t real sex and kids believed him.) I learned, to my continued dismay, that girls were wearing “rainbow bracelets” which represented each time they had done oral sex. I also learned that teen girls thought that they “owed” boys an oral sex job as a thank you when the boys took them out to dinner. Many parents are clueless about teaching their daughters that they do not owe the boys anything, and they are clueless about the influence Hollywood movies and TV have on these young teens. I believe the general tone of our society is seriously letting our kids down. One 15-year-old told me that kids do not feel that they have any good role models today. That is very sad.



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