The Tooth Fairy is here

Obama signs executive order revoking Iran nuclear sanctions

We can probably bundle them all into one neat little package  – the Tooth Fairy – Santa – Easter Bunny and wind up with all of the make believe fantasies our president believes in.

USA Today

WASHINGTON — President Obama signed an executive order Saturday revoking a 20-year system of sanctions against Iran for pursuing a nuclear weapons program.

This will be one hell of a  payday for Iran; yes the same country that just the other day released 4 journalists they have held captive for 18 months. What a coincidence!! This executive action action will loosen up 150 billion dollars to Iran that was being held to keep them in line.  That is BBBBBBBillion.

Did any of our top seaters ever stop and wonder what Iran is going to do with that money. Possibly buy more of these.

download (1)

I told a story awhile back that is worth repeating. Two guys in a bar – they get into a beef – one guy pulls out a knife – the other guy said, this ain’t fair, I don’t have a knife – the first dummy goes out and comes back with a knife for the second guy – the second guy cuts the shit out of the first dummy. Absolutely true story!!!

The USA is the first guy. I wonder how many knives could Iran buy with 150 billion???

I like to use paraphrases at different times, so possibly my message will get through a little more clearly to some people. Here is another one.

Let us assume that I was dating a lady and she continually cheated on me. In the past I had given her 1,000 of dollars worth of gifts but she continued to cheat on me.  She gave that trim/booty away so many times I lost count. Out of desperation, because I am chooch or gor-noo-do, I told her if she behaves I will give her $150,000.00.

download (2)           download

Based on her track record that was certain to never change; would it be a wish choice to follow through with the promise of my gifts??? Who is the fool, she or me????

I don’t think that the Iran promissory situation could be explained anymore clearly.

As of 2 weeks ago they were taking target practice at some of our ships. Did we retaliate?

Last week Iran captured two US Navy vessels. Did we retaliate?

In situations such as these, I do not condone starting WW III over them but I would encourage some sort of reprisal to let them know we are there and not their door mat.


If the bully keeps kicking your ass and you do not get back; guess what the end result will be.?

images (1)

I would be willing to bet the farm; before it is all over Iran will absolutely spit in the worlds face again.  Under what rock are all the naysayers going to be hiding when that happens??

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