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If you are not hiding anything what …….

King says terror threat coming from mosques, calls for better surveillance: If you are not hiding anything, what is your objection. Rather be wrong and alive than PC right and dead. Republican Peter King from New York is echoing … Continue reading

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Thats why it is called DOPE

Explosive Documentary Links Peyton Manning,  Superstar Athlete To Doping Ring:   According to reports, the quarterback and his wife received human growth hormone in 2011 an alleged supplier claims in a new undercover investigation funded by Al Jazeera. The foreign … Continue reading

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Drop them drawers baby

Samantha Stosur’s Muscular Arms Get Lots Of Attention At Australian Open Just an observation. There had to be a lot of people with a few ????? sticking in their head when they saw this picture. To be or not to … Continue reading

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About says it all

There is a very anti -PC – patriotic restaurant in Houston, Tx that has a sign in front of their eatery which says it all. I would like to think that the majority of American people think along these lines … Continue reading

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Sleep well America; what’s her name has your back

Delusional – uninformed – living under a rock – out of touch with reality – attempting to deceit the public – just a another bloviator trying to sell snake oil or all of the above? How can Bill’s squeeze (better … Continue reading

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Three animal brothers

Attack of 83-year-old great-grandmother may lead to murder charges against 3 brothers: These three animal brother grew up together in a violent environment and hopefully they will spend the rest of their miserable lives in a cage and die together … Continue reading

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Put him on the rack

If Pagliano comes clean, Bill’s wife would be up to her — in alligators: How many times in any investigation should a  person be allowed to invoke the 5th amendment without being charged with obstructing justice? What is the purpose of … Continue reading

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The pot calling the kettle black

Iran Calls The New U.S. Visa Law Breach Of The Nuclear Deal Congress passed a measure that will prevent visa-free travel to the United States for people who have visited Iran or hold Iranian nationality. DUBAI, Dec 23 (Reuters) – … Continue reading

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The high price of Poon Tang

Tiger Woods is almost done paying off a $54 million mortgage as part of his divorce: A good round figure that The Tiger agreed to pay the Tigress in their divorce settlement was about 100 million dollars. Part of the … Continue reading

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Come to your own conclusion

RULES DON’T APPLY? GOP blasts Kerry for suggesting Iran can skirt new visa restrictions It appears that there is no limit to limit to what JK will do to be in the favor of the Iranian people. It doesn’t matter … Continue reading

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